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MEP in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The main direction of our activity is the implementation of design, installation, commissioning and service works on engineering systems of buildings. Engineering systems are necessary for any building; without them, neither a dwelling nor a production facility will simply be able to exist and function correctly. These include: climate systems, heating systems, fire extinguishing systems, video surveillance, access control, electricity, etc. Construction4d.com performs a full range of works on equipping buildings with engineering systems.

Our company has a software package designed for the design of internal engineering communications. It includes tools for the design of ventilation systems, heating, heating and heating, electric lighting and power supply.

We provide international design services for MEP. Responsibility is the foundation of our work.

The main principle of work of Construction4d.com is responsibility. We control the quality of development and implementation of integrated solutions at all stages of implementation, including the performance of delegated customer functions: rationale for the feasibility of the project; setting key tasks; analysis of required resources; formation of a group of contractors.

The company Construction4d.com employs more than 120 engineers Revit / Autodesk, who specialize in all areas of construction. All projects are developed in Revit 3D. Construction4d uses only licensed AutoCAD software and licensed Revit software.

Construction4d.com is included in the list of engineering consultants for MEP in Dubai as a reliable partner in the implementation of your project

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